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More About Us

Mid-America Pool league is an independent pool league serving central Illinois for nearly 20 years.

The league is dedicated to promoting the great sport of Pocket Billiards in the spirit of friendly competition and good sportsmanship.   

Mid-America Pool league is currently associated with the ACS (AMERICAN CUE SPORTS) which holds a National Championship Tournament annually in Las Vegas, NV.

Mid-America Pool leagues are sponsored by the teams Home Locations and Vendors.  Including:
CHAPPS in Litchfield, 217-324-2642
CHIEFS in Litchfield, 217-324-4925
CHIEFS II in Gillespie, 217-839-1144
THE IRON HORSE in Panama, 618-406-5503

LEAGUE OPERATOR: Travis Middleton, 217-710-8178

If you would like to join a team or start a team of your own, contact any of these locations or the League Operator.  If you would like to start a team from another location contact the League operator 217-710-8178.  We will be happy to hear from you.  There are three sessions each year: Fall 8-Ball - 4 person teams, Winter 8-Ball - 4 person teams and a Summer 8-Ball - 3 person teams.

The leagues plays on Thursdays nights.  Matches start at 7:30 PM.  
Format for the Fall and Winter session (4 person teams): Each team is made up of 4 to 7 players.  Only four players for each team will play in a match.  Each player of one team will play each player of the opposing team one game in a standard “Round Robin” format.  The winner of each game is awarded 10 points, and the loosing player is awarded one point for each ball of his group that is pocketed during the game.  One “Match Point” is awarded for each round won, and one “Match Point” for the total of all four rounds.  If a round or the total ends up in a tie then one half point is awarded to each team.
Format for the Summer (3 person teams):
The format is nearly the same as the 4 person team with the obvious exception that each team will field only 3 players for each match.
The individual points are totaled and averaged each week.   The “Team Points” are also totaled week, so each and every round is important!  Team and individual standings are based on those averages.

If you have any questions please contact Travis Middleton at 217-710-8178

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